Network Membership Benefits

The Network membership is opened for operating stores and new/non-operating stores. New stores must have a ready to operate structure (building or container). As a member, the store (structure) is provided by you and it remains yours; only with a greater competitive advantage. In short, it is like an “Uber” of local owned spazashops.

Interested parties can to apply to join the Network by submitting application details. After processing your application, our team will come out to access your trading space. You’ll then be informed if your trading space is approved or not; as well as all associated cost (costs are store size dependent).

Member benefits include but not limited to:

Opportunity to be a part of a local Spazashop Owners Network (South Africa)

Access to supply chain networking & price discounts to procure goods (Stock) faster and cheaper

Khona La Local Stores branded merchandise

Collective and collaborative ownership among owners network

Growing strong brands together to help local stores flourish

Shop Owners network solution designed to help you survive competition from big retailers via township malls

Controlled and minimised competition between network members

Collective buying power to help achieve greater economies of scale

Trade marketing, activations & promotions support

Revamping of Spazashop

Revamp of your existing Spazashop (face lift – Before/After)


General Business and Financial Skills Training


Distribution Company that delivers directly to your shop